Regulations of Bill of Lading in the Klang Port was adjusted! | Sowoll

Release time: Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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Wanhai Shipping adjusted the Klang Port’s Bill of Lading Regulations! All foreign trade freight forwarders need to pay more attention!

It is reported that a notice regarding the adjustment of the new regulations in the port of Klang was published in recent days.

When the new regulation published, the Klang Port Bill of Lading must provide:
1. Name of consigner
2. Consigner address
3. Name of consignee
4. Consignee address, telephone/fax number
5. Consignee Company Registration No. (BRN)
If the consignee is To Order, the notify party number must be provided
If the consignee is An |Individual, you must provide the NRIC or passport number
6. Notifier name, address, telephone/fax number
The forth, fifth, and sixth points are added to the required fields.
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