CMA New Attempt: Artificial Intelligence Used in Ship Collision Avoidance | Sowoll

Release time: Wednesday, June 06, 2018
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It is reported that CMA was cooperated with the US company, Shone, which is a artificial intelligence startups. Shone focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in the shipping industry.
The headquarter of Shone is in San Francisco and it was founded in 2017 by three French engineers. Shone is committed to introducing artificial intelligence technology into marine applications. Shone is eager to become a benchmarking company in the field of artificial intelligence in the shipbuilding industry.

This cooperation will promote the development of the Shone artificial intelligence system on shipbuilding.
Shone will collect data from CMA in order to get further analysis of artificial intelligence. Once the artificial intelligence development research confirms, this innovative measure will optimize the work of the crew. Of course, its development is also benefit by government decision support,  and maritime safety and navigation assistance.

In the aspect of safety and collision avoidance warning systems, Shone will improve the accuracy of early warnings and prevent potential collisions with the help of the combination of radar, surveillance, and automatic identification systems, while also fully considering international rules for collision prevention at sea.

CMA said that this cooperation plays an important role in the implementation of the digital transformation strategy.
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