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Release time: Tuesday, June 05, 2018
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On June 2nd, a China-European freight train consisting of 41 carriages departs from Shixi Operational the Shijiazhuang Freight Center of the China Railways Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd. That is a miracle time!The destination is heads for Minsk, the capital of Belarus.The opening of China-Europe Route made a brand-new international logistic channel between Hebei Province and Europe.
It is reported that there are totally forty-one 40-foot containers loading with diesel engines, fishing gear, valves, shoes and hats, furniture, etc.The whole running time is about 15 days with the entire process of about 9600 kilometers.Then, the  return trip will be initiated by the Koryatzki station,passing through the Walsinau station, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk station to Shijiazhuang.All containers will be loaded the wooden products of Belarus and neighboring countries.

With the help of 40-foot containers to transport,the entire transportation time is reduced by 70% compared with traditional shipping.
The preliminary plan is to arrange 20 columns each year.It is estimated that 30,000 tons of materials will be transported.Meanwhile, because of
specialized packing solutions for different goods, it is wise to develop door-to-door logistics services, once-completed exit formalities,  documents specialized services and  customs clearance services. In order to implement of the EU-CIS countries distribution services cost-efficient, there will be public overseas warehouses in a preferential price when cargo arrives at Minsk.
The new China-Europe Route expands the scale of China’s import and export trade.It also make great progress in providing necessary support for the promotion of trade cooperation between the two countries from a simple business model to a joint compound model.
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