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Release time: Tuesday, June 05, 2018
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According to a notice issued by MSK route, EUGEN MAERSK 821W, the European route AE1 scheduled to sail for 5/27, is currently scheduled to be closed in Shanghai Port at 5:25 on the 5th/25th, due to the delays. The HMM, MSC, etc in schedule should be adjusted like the same. However, at the end of the month, it is also short in shipping space. Early packing, early declaration, and early arrival in the port all are necessary to do so as not to delay the sailing schedule.
According to a notice issued by ship owner, EMC, because the container source and outside ports all are relatively tight, equipment lists will temporarily be in Yangshan port. At present, only the Waigaoqiao Terminal (outside of the 5 yards) may have a few boxes. For special needs, please contact your European experts to try to apply.


In Europe, in Lisbon dock, one of the largest ports in Portugal, workers are on two-week strike!  The statement of the Lisbon Union Port of Portugal shows that the strike is all day long, and it will last until June 2 to protest unreasonable salary levels and job assignments.

At present, the Yilport group, the controller of the terminal, is currently negotiating with dock workers, but there has been unsatisfactory progress. The relevant operations of the Lisbon port have been in seriously influent. So, it should be paid more attention for foreign trade agents and freight forwarding companies.
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