Attention! The customs discovered and seized 1.44 tons of hazardous chemicals,which has been temporarily detained according to law! | Sowoll

Release time: Tuesday, June 05, 2018
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A few days ago,a trading company applied to export a batch of shoe products such as EVA soles and EVA sheets in Fuzhou.Customs in Xiamen found that a large number of barrels of liquid unlabeled goods were contained in the rear of the container during inspections.It was suspected of being hazardous chemicals.Customs promptly initiated a joint inspection plan for this issues, conducted a thorough investigation of the goods and notified the Maritime Affairs Bureau of the relevant information.After checking,the unlabeled barreled liquid mentioned above is all PU adhesives.It all  belongs to the third category of flammable liquids in the “Dangerous Chemicals Catalogue”.
We should remember the lesson of history.Three years ago, the "8 • 12" special fire and explosion accident in Tianjin port happened.That is a terrible news for everyone.This explosion claimed 165 lives and caused direct economic losses of 6.866 billion yuan.
Looking back to the accident, the direct cause was the partial drying of the nitrocellulose in the container due to the loss of the wetting agent.
Under the influence of factors such as the weather high temperature,it
caused large areas of adjacent dangerous chemicals to burn and eventually exploded.The initial fuse of the accident was only the loss of the wetting agent. That reminds us that we should pay more attention to every details about safety.This statement is by no means an alarmist!
Customs Reminds:If companies export hazardous chemicals products, it needs to be provided with the appropriate qualifications.Also it is wise that take the initiative to declare in accordance with the relevant provisions of export of dangerous chemicals and please transport with
specialized containers.
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