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On August 21, Washington time, the US Department of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that according to Executive Order No. 13810 of September 20, 2017, two Russian shipping companies and six Russian vessels were suspected of engaging in the United Nations banned activities (providing refined oil to vessels flying the North Korean flag by ship-to-ship) to assist North Korea in illegal activities.
As confirmed by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, the two companies, Primorye Maritime Logistics Co Ltd (Primorye) and Gudzon Shipping Co LLC (Gudzon), in Russia are the registered ship owner and the management company respectively of the Russian merchant ship "PATRIOT" (IMO 9003550).  
Earlier this year, the "PATRIOT" has transported petroleum to North Korea by ship-to-ship transfer twice, including once to deliver 1,500 tons of oil to the North Korean vessel "CHONG RIM2" (IMO 8916293), once to transport 2,000 tons of oil to North Korean vessels “CHON MA SAN” (IMO 8660313). And the buyer is Taesong Bank, which is recognized by the United Nations and the United States as an illegal economic activity participant in North Korea.

According to the shipping network, the “CHONG RIM2” (IMO 8916293) was listed on the UN and US sanctions list in March 2016; the “CHON MA SAN” (IMO 8660313) was engaged in illegal activities in mid-November 2017. It was included in the US and UN blacklists in February 2018 and March 2018, respectively.

This month, this is the third time in the United States sanctions against Russian companies for suspected North Korean illegal activities. That has once again proved the United States’ determination to ban North Korea’s nuclear and missile issues.

In addition, on the 15th of this month, the US Treasury Department also announced sanctions against Dalian Sun Moon Star International Logistics Trading Co. and its Singapore shipping subsidiary SINSMS Pte to freeze all their assets in the United States. They helped North Korea import embargoed goods sanctioned by the United States and the United Nations, aimed at cutting off foreign aid to the North Korean economy and continuing to maintain economic sanctions against North Korea in order to pressure North Korea to move toward denuclearization.
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