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Recent Trend of Shipping Industry
Thursday, September 07, 2017 0 Comment 211 Views 0
July’s on-time rate ranking list of shipping companies has been published and Maersk for the first time ranked last in the list. On the other hand, J.P. Morgan Chase has sold a bulk vessel to a South Korean company at a price achieving a new high of the year.Recently world-renowned shipping…
The Larger the Container Vessels, the More Profitable They Are?
Released on August 28 by Shanghai International Shipping Institute, a report shows that driven by the promising trend of global economy, recovery of international trade and continuous price increase of staple commodities, throughput volumes of the world’s major ports generally had seen a ri…
What Qualities A Third-Part Logistics Company Should Have to Gain Core Competence
1. To dominate the market and expand themselves, third-part logistics enterprises should serve highly efficient, electronic and informative services of quality and provide extensive networks.2. Contract logistics with integrative services should be offered. Integrative logistics services are not a …