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US State Exports to China (2006-2015)
Friday, September 09, 2016 0 Comment 673 Views 0
Exports to China: Vital to US economic growthDespite the slowdown in its economy, China continues to be an important contributor to US economic growth. In 2015, US goods exports to China totaled $113 billion, down from the previous two years, but still the third-largest US goods export market behind …
10 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow(2)
Email Marketing = Profits And OpportunitiesOver the years email marketing, especially our email newsletter and our email follow up sequences has been an extremely successful for of marketing for Bourn Creative and for our clients. In fact, every time we send out an email newsletter, our new project i…
Reflections on the bankruptcy of Hanjin
Wednesday, September 07, 2016 0 Comment 684 Views 1
Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, causing a large number of persons engaged in sea- run industry thinking. And there are many senior industry view of original and Hanjin shipping deep insight into bankruptcy impact on the global shipping industry. I think it is very necessary that you see this incident con…