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No one receives refugee on the Lifeline.
On June 25, 2018 local time, 234 immigrants on the Lifeline rescue boat were trapped in Maltese. Although the immigrants were rescued on Wednesday, including 14 women and 4 children, the rescue ship is still stranded in the Mediterranean. Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Sa…
Continuously hit 3 ships! Pass over the pier! 300-meters giant wheel loses control!
On May 6th, a giant container ship belonging to Hapag-Land, Santos Express, suddenly deviated from the channel when it entered the port of Santos, Brazil at local time 20:30. It not only continuously hit 3 ships, but also nearly hit the ferry terminal. That was terrible. Santos Express was almost …
A Flight From Swiss Airlines Was Ready For Emergency in Munich, Germany.
It is reported that on the afternoon of June 18th, Swiss Airlines flight LX188 from Zurich to Shanghai just took off for a short time, the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit and then the plane made emergency landings in Munich, Germany.It is understood that there are total 215 passengers on board, t…

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