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Hanjin Shutdown Negatively Impacts South Korea’s Shipping Capacity
The world’s seventh largest shipping operator, Hanjin Shipping, has been broke for one year. After bankruptcy, its original market share was split and occupied by its peers from other nations. The carrying capacity of South Korea has consequently dropped substantially and South Korea is not…
COSCO: Hong Kong Connects to Global Financial Business
Financing in Hong Kong Hong Kong has been the most important region in the overseas business layout of COSCO. In Hong Kong, business sectors of COSCO include shipping, port investments and management, logistics, container leasing, funding and financing, etc. In particular, as to funding and financi…
Global Shipping Industry Output Value Reaches 500 Billion USD
Worldwide container ships carrying sports shoes, bananas and barbie dolls are becoming increasingly large. So are the corporations owing the ships.The global shipping industry with an output value of 500 billion US dollars is experiencing a large-scale integration. The survivors in the integration no…

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