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How to Ensure Smooth Transition When Replacing Logistics Suppliers
When running a business, an enterprise will need to change the logistics supplier for some reasons. Price and service quality are two main factors that cause the replacement of the supplier.When people are talking about price, they have to admit that homogenization is prevailing in the logistics mark…
How to Adjust to Smart Logistics
Friday, July 28, 2017 0 Comment 366 Views 0
China economy is still experiencing volatility. From the prices of staple commodities and the trend of global economy, China’s economic growth is not looking good. IMF estimated only a rate of roughly 3.5% for global economic growth for the year of 2017, while, likewise, Chinese Academy of …
IHS Markit to Anticipate Declining Economic Growth of China
In the most newly released World Economic Outlook, IHS Markit attributed the economic growth of China, which was better than expected, partly to stimulative policies adopted by the Chinese government to maintain stability towards the 19th National People’s Congress. Meanwhile they also warn…