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Trading: Highest Value Swiss Export Products
Gold and wrist-watches are iconic examples for some of the highest value Swiss export products for 2016.The most valuable Swiss exports also include medicines, jewelry, diamonds and coffee.The following list shows which Swiss exports generated the most sales during 2016. Unlike most information curre…
What You Should Know About Ocean Surcharges?
Despite getting a little extra attention of late, the problem of ocean surcharges, fees, and GRIs is still overshadowed by the historically low ocean cargo rates in the industry right now. So while the current problems at Hanjin have further highlighted the issue and risks to shippers from low rates,…
Automating Your FMC Contracts
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 0 Comment 838 Views 0
Ocean FMC contracts are difficult to manage. If you are a shipper, BCO, NVO, or Freight Forwarder you know this is true. Not only are the fees, surcharges, advisories, and contract addendum hard to understand and apply, each can seemingly change at the discretion of the carriers. Even the simplest oc…