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Trading: Highest Value Indian Export Products
Petroleum oils, unmounted diamonds and jewelry top the list of highest value Indian export products.The most valuable Indian exports also include medicines, milled rice, jewelry and frozen beef. Another international trade highlight for 2016 is the strong increase in India’s gold sales.The …
It’s Time to Gain More From Your Logistics Techology
The benefits that companies gain from using technology are most often associated with factors like eliminating paperwork and automating manual tasks. After all, these are the things computers do really well when employed correctly. The advantages of technology can go much deeper, providing bigger pic…
Why Worldwide Free Shipping Make Sense For China Seller?
If you regularly shop online, you may have found some China seller out there supplying small items at the price of US $1~2 with worldwide free shipping services.Does this make sense? Do they still make profit?The fact is, China seller can make profit at most cases, at least not at a loss.As you kno…

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